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FANS - Why Do Your True Fans Join Your Stuff

FANS - Why Do Your True Fans Join Your Stuff | Facebook for Business Marketing | Scoop.it

"Earler post by Wiki-Brands.com that I want to add to this Facebook for business board.

Intrinsic Needs “feel good”:

#1 Social Connection

#2 Shared Community Values/Culture

#6 Appeal to Hobbies/Interests

#7 Make a Difference/Support Cause

Extrinsic Needs “look good” :

#3 Expression/Creativity/Venting

#4 Influence and Proximity w/ Key Decision Makers

#9 Cultivate Status and Reputation

Explicit Needs “get something”:

#5 Access to Special Info/Advice

#8 Novelty/Entertainment/Fun

#10 Mutualistic relationship (company wins/you win)

Peg Corwin's insight:

I like this framework because it reminds us that we need to give Fans with different needs different reasons for engaging, and suggests ways to do it.

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