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TOOLS - 10 tools to add sizzle to your business's Facebook page

TOOLS  - 10 tools to add sizzle to your business's Facebook page | Facebook for Business Marketing | Scoop.it
There are plenty of tools and apps out there designed to make running, updating, and promoting your Facebook page easier and more effective.
Peg Corwin's insight:

Learn about these apps and tools to take your FACEBOOK PAGE to the next level:

 - PageModo: Call attention to your page

 - Linqto: Personalize your Facebook page, host conversations

 - SocialDon: Boost your performance

 - ShortStack: Run better contests

 - MediaFeedia: Wear all your hats

 - HootSuite: Facebook+

 - MailChimp: Build your list

 - Facebook Page Insights: Track your performance

 - EdgeRank Checker: Where do you stand?

 - SocialMention: Find your relevance

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Facebook for Business Marketing
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